August 04-08, 2014

The III Jayme Tiomno School of Cosmology will be held at the campus of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro from 4-8 August, 2014. This school aims at providing PhD students and researchers with a broad view of selected topics in Cosmology and also at preparing the Brazilian community to the ongoing and next generation of experiments in Cosmology.

The invited lecturers and the topics covered in the third edition of the School are:

The Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation and Planck
Jacques Delabrouille (Laboratoire AstroParticle et Cosmologie, France)

Baryonic Acoustic Oscillations
Nikhil Padmanabhan (Yale Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics, USA)

Primordial Non-Gaussianity from Large Scale Structure
Uros Seljak (California University & University of Zurich, USA & Switzerland)

Primordial Nucleosynthesis and Early Universe Physics
Gary Steigman (Ohio State University, USA)